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We’re a social enterprise committed to helping Charities, not-for-profits and Community Groups access grants, grow their supporter base, raise their profile and generate donations.  As part of our mission we commit each year to give away up to $200,000 in grants which we fund out of the income that we earn.  As a social enterprise we earn money by helping connect charities with donors, featuring charities to find them more supporters and by earning a small platform fee when people donate via MyGivingCircle.  From time to time socially responsible companies also come on-board to sponsor grants.

When you donate or feature a charity on MyGivingCircle a percentage of your generous support goes back into growing our grants pool and letting us help more charities.

Meet the Team

Aaron O'Sullivan
Having started and sold a couple of Internet companies when the Internet was still shiny and new, Aaron was determined that any future project would focus on social good. While thinking about what that would look like, he participated in a Giving Circle (without even knowing there was a name for it!) and was amazed at how engaged everyone in the circle was with the entire process of choosing and supporting a good cause. A few months later, and with some great support from both individuals and companies – MyGivingCircle.org was born, and Aaron looks forward to seeing where this journey takes everyone involved.
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Antonella Biscaro
Charity Manager
Throughout her professional life, Antonella has worn many hats: university tutor, researcher, media officer and fundraiser. In most positions, the common thread has been a passion for social justice and the community sector. At My Giving Circle, Antonella’s role is to liaise with member charities and help them to reach out to their supporters.
John Epta
Technical Lead
John Epta is a Director of Tonic marketing and head of Technical Development of MyGivingCircle.org. With over 10 years technical and marketing experience, plus a long association with not-for-profits such as the Australian Weightlifting Federation, John helps transform the vision into reality with his technical team
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Jamie Bakewell
Head of Sales
Jamie Bakewell is a Director of Tonic Marketing and Letterbox Media and our go-to sales and marketing lead. Letterbox Media in conjunction with Australia Post reaches almost every Australian household and Jamie is keen to explore the intersection between mass marketing and social enterprises and see how such a large reach can translate into empowering passional individuals to make real change in their community
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Tonic Marketing
Tonic Marketing is an Australian based marketing and technical agency that works with companies like LG Australia, Microsoft, Sonic Healthcare and CareerOne. When Aaron came to them with the idea of GivingCircles they saw a perfect opportunity to use their skills and passion to build a social enterprise that can make a meaningful impact in the community. Their support and drive helps allow MyGivingCircle.org to deliver on their promise of matching passionate individuals with good causes that they care about.
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Our Mission

To give Charities, not-for-profits and community groups – large and small –  a chance to:


– Receive grants that let them do more in their communities

– Grow their supporter and donor base by matching them with people most likely to be interested in what they do

– Raise donations and engage their supporter base


To give individuals from all walks of life a chance to:


– Nominate and advocate for their favourite charities to receive grants throughout the year

– Donate and support their favourite charities

– To feel part of a community of people who share a passion for particular causes


To give companies, corporates and philanthropists – large and small – a chance to:


– Sponsor grants that motivate and encourage individuals to co-donate to their favourite charities

– Engage with passionate individuals in a way that meets your social responsibility  and your marketing objectives.

– Do good and be seen to be doing good by a large community of people who care.


Interested in finding out more?


We're here to help you achieve your goals.  Whether your an individual looking to join a Giving Circle, a Charity or not-for-profit wanting to find out how we can help with raising your profile, fundraising and advocacy, or a company looking for a highly visible way to meet your social responsibility goals, we want to help.  

No matter what you want to achieve with a Giving Circle we can help you make that happen.  Contact us below with any questions and we'll work with you to achieve your goals.

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