2018 Charitable Giving Report

Get your copy of the 2018 Charitable Giving Report

If you’re involved in fundraising you need our 2018 Charitable Giving Report.

This 30 page report combines survey responses from over 1,500 Australians (what they say they do) with data from 2,000+ online donations (what they actually do).

This report will help you understand:

• What causes Australians are passionate about and the correlation between causes.

• How people like to donate

• How people like to stay in touch

• How people like to support their favourite Charities

• Average donation amounts for one-off and recurring donations

• What the key drivers are that make people donate

• What elements turn people off donating

• How people are actually donating online, broken down by demographics


Which causes are you most passionate about

Q1 – Which causes are you most passionate about







This report will help you understand the Charitable Giving landscape in Australia and the where, why and how of donating.

Order this report for only $150 plus GST and you’ll find it an invaluable roadmap in planning your fundraising now and in the future.

Get the report tailored for your Charity

We can take the report and overlay your actual supporter and donor data to produce a report specific to your Charity.

Understand the demographics, behaviour and mind-set of your own donors so you can quickly drill down to the information that will allow you to increase your fundraising capability and find more donors for your cause.


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