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We are a global movement of women and girls building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis. We give women and girls the tools, education and empowerment to cut carbon pollution in their everyday lives focusing on the key areas of daily living. While inspiring women to use their lifestyle actions to drive positive change, we empower them to use their voices and their votes to fight for climate action. Profound lifestyle change is crucial in fighting the climate crisis and we are committed to reaching millions of women and girls from across the world and empowering them to act on climate change. A donation to 1 Million Women funds our campaigns, our educational content, our free climate action app, our research into the challenges of behaviour change and the calibration of our rich data on individual climate action. Everything we do at 1 Million Women is to empower as many people as possible across the globe to act on the climate crisis through the way they live and demonstrate exactly how to do it. And all of this is done on a shoestring by our tiny team. Donations small or large help us to sustain and expand our critical work.

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to 1 Million Women gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!