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March 15th

$50,000 for Australia’s Favourite Charities

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In 2019 we're giving $50,000 to Australian Charities, not-for-profits and community groups based on your votes! Vote now - our next grants round will give $5,500 to #10 of Australia's most loved Charities.

Vote and donate today to help your Favourite Charities share in $50,000 in 2019!

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Voting Closes
March 15th
This Grants Round has10002 Members supporting 758 Charities
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In 2019 we’re giving $50k to Australia’s most loved Charities.

This round we’re giving $5,500 to the #10 Charities with the most votes and donations.

All you need to do is vote or donate to your Favourite Charities and the Top #10 will share in $5,500

You can vote for free once a week and donate whenever you want.  When you donate to your favourite charities we add an extra vote for every $ you give, even more for regular giving.

$50 one-off donation = 50 Votes.

$50 regular giving = 250 votes (50 votes x 5)  + 50 extra votes every month.

As well as cash grants, we’ll be recognising Australia’s most popular charities with our  ‘Top #10 Charity’ awards.  Don’t delay, vote or donate to your Favourite Charity now.

Are you an Australian Charity, not-for-profit or community group?

Register for free here.  Once you’re registered, ask your supporters to vote for you and you could be sharing in $50k this year, plus raising donations, finding new supporters and gaining national exposure.  And it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, we’ve set aside grants for grassroots charities.

The Giving Circle FAQs

How are the winners determined?

Before each grants round (we do several throughout the year) we'll announce the amount and how it will be distributed.

Our current round closes at midnight Sydney (AEST or AEDT ) on March 15th 2019 and the grants will be distributed as follows:

$5,500 shared between the #10 Charities with the most votes.  

  • The Charity with the most votes overall will receive a $2,000 grant
  • The 2nd & 3rd Charities with the most votes will receive $1,000 each.
  • The 4th and 5th Charities with the most votes will receive $500 each.
  • The 6th-10th Charities with the most votes will receive $100 each.

To receive a grant a Charity must have at least 1,000 votes by 15th March 2019.  Any grants not distributed will be carried over into the next grants round.

Is there a minimum donation level if I donate?

The minimum donation amount is set at $20.  If you're not in a position to donate, you can can still vote for your favourite charity for free once a week and share the Giving Circle with your friends and ask them to vote as well.

What fees do MyGivingCircle charge?

We charge a platform fee of between 0% - 6.5% on donations received to allow us to maintain and improve the website for the benefit of all our amazing charities.

 What happens if I make a donation?

All donations are processed securely via stripe or paypal and sent to your charity of choice each month.

If you make a one-off donation we add 1 Vote for every $ you give.  For example if you donate $50 we add 50 Votes.

If you sign up for monthly giving we add 5 Votes for every $ you commit to in the first month and then 1 vote per $ each month thereafter until cancelled.

For example if you commit to $50 a month we add 50 x 5 votes = 250 votes immediately and then 50 votes a month thereafter.

You can make a donation here, when you vote, or via our leaderboard at anytime.

If I choose regular giving can I cancel anytime?

We understand peoples financial circumstances change, and you are free to cancel your regular giving at any time by logging into your account.  Please note however that we add extra votes for regular giving (we love regular giving!).  If more than 10% of a Charities regular donors cancel within 3 months of a draw date it can effect their eligibility for a grant

How often can I vote?

You can vote once a week for your favourite Charities and choose up to 3 each time. Votes cast more often than once a week are disregarded.  You can donate as often as you want, and we add 1 Vote for every $ you give as a one-off donation and more if you commit to monthly giving.  Please be aware that if you vote using fake email addresses or multiple email addresses your vote will not count.  Even if you see the vote count go up, all fake votes are scrubbed before the grants are awarded.

Will I be contacted by any Charities or Grants Sponsors?

When you vote or donate to a Charity they may wish to contact you to thank-you for your support and keep you up-to-date with the work they're doing.  When it occurs, contact will usually be via email, and in some instances telephone.  When a Charity wishes to contact a supporter we have strict guidelines in place that include:

  • Only Charities that you have voted for, donated to, or indicated as one of your favourites can make contact.  We do not share your details with any Charity you have not indicated as one of your favourites.
  • If making contact by telephone, they are only able to contact you once unless you ask for more information or consent to be contacted again. Your contact details are not stored for future contact.
  • If making contact by email there must be a clear and easy way for your to unsubscribe from future emails
  • They must be courteous, professional and polite.   We hope you'll be interested in hearing from them, but if you're not, no further contact is made
  • They must abide by the Fundraising Institute of Australia's guidelines regarding contacting you, which can be  found here

If you believe any Charity is not abiding by these guidelines we want to hear from you and you can send an email with the details to  [email protected]

When you vote in a Giving Circle the grants sponsor may wish to email you to thank you for voting, let you know which charities received the grants and/or introduce themselves and their product(s) to you.  By voting you are giving express consent to be contacted via email only by the grants sponsor on the basis that:

  • contact can only be via email unless you are informed otherwise
  • you will always have the option to unsubscribe from any further communications from the sponsor

If you have any concerns about being contacted by a grants sponsor via email you can opt-out by emailing your details to [email protected]

$5,500 shared between the #10 Charities with the most votes
1st = $2k • 2nd & 3rd = $1k • 4th & 5th = $500 • 6th-10th = $100 each

Charity Donate Now.
Each $ = 1 Vote
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The votes shown are a preliminary count and may be adjusted up or down. A final count is done before we award the grants. If you work for a charity listed above and are concerned that the votes are not accurate please contact us

Only registered charities appear in our leaderboard and are eligible for grants. If you wish to register your Charity for free, please click here

To receive a grant a Charity must have a minimum of 1,000 votes.  Click on the FAQ tab for full Terms and Conditions for all Grants.

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