Each year MyGivingCircle gives away $50,000 in grants.  Vote now for {{charity.name}} or donate and we'll add an extra vote for every $ you give , or chip in a few dollars and MyGivingCircle will feature {{charity.name}} to get more votes and supporters.

$6,000 shared between the #5 Charities with the most votes
1st = $2k • 2nd – 5th= $1k each 

The votes shown are a preliminary count and may be adjusted up or down. A final count is done before we award the grants. If you work for a charity listed above and are concerned that the votes are not accurate please contact us

Only registered charities appear in our leaderboard and are eligible for grants. If you wish to register your Charity for free, please click here

To receive a grant a Charity must have a minimum of 1,000 votes.  Click on the FAQ tab for full Terms and Conditions for all Grants.

More Featured Charities like The Generous and the Grateful, Inc

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