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Rise Which Way Inc. (RRWI) main deliverable objectives are based in the justice reinvestment initiative, by facilitating access to services that address the underlying reasons for crime and repeat offending in our community.

RWWI has identified that a high rate of released prisoners failed to present within the designated time frame to government departments like the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and/or the Department of Transport to obtain legal identification. The result of not procuring such identification can make registering with other government departments like Centrelink and Medicare extremely difficult, if not impossible for most and in many cases, contributes to reoffending.  RWWI in conjunction with partnered service providers, will assist clients with transport from the time of their release and throughout their transition into the community.RWWI is mindful of all client's different circumstances and conditions of release. It is our aim, in time, to conduct gender exclusive, as well as juvenile art therapy sessions on-site at the Moorooka warehouse. For the duration of the art therapy programs, clients will have access to art materials and tutelage in mixed art styles sponsored by RWWI. Currently, RWWI is in its infancy and requires immediate funding to generate more opportunities and better outcomes for our clients. At this time, we are desperately seeking funds to shop fit the warehouse space, so it is fit for purpose as an art therapy hub and an organisation vehicle to assist our clients in attending critical appointments.

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