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Each year MyGivingCircle gives away $30,000 to Australian Charities, not-for-profits and Community Groups using our unique Vote and Donate platform. Here's how it works:
Turn 'Likes' into Donors: and raise more money
Our vote and donate platform turns unprofiled Facebook 'Likes' and email addresses into fully contactable and profiled individuals. With our paid accounts you have full access to this enhanced data
Choose the Plan that's right for your Charity

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Platform fee on Donations

Credit Card Fees

Donor Data

Supporter Data (Email)

Supporter Data (Phone + Email)

Charity name + logo featured during voting

Fundraising marketing credit

Account Support

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Small Charities


Charities raising $5k or less p.a


at cost

Email and live Chat

All registered charities start on this plan

Charities with Email Lists


p/m billed annually or $70 monthly

Small to large Charities with email lists


at cost

$50 per month

Email and live Chat

Capped at 1,000 records per annum

Most Popular

Charities with



p/m billed annually or $500 monthly

Medium to large Charities using telemarketing for fundraising


at cost

$350 per month

Dedicated Charity Manager

Capped  at 2,000 records per annum

Large Charities


p/m billed annually or $2,000 monthly.  

pay per lead also available

National Charities with established fundraising programmes


at cost

$1,500 per month

Dedicated Charity Manager

Guaranteed minimums + no cap, or pay per record

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