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Magic Marble Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aimed at alleviating the suffering of underprivileged human and non-human animal populations by providing them with food, housing, medical treatment, education, and the financial assistance required to procure these basic needs. 

We provide education to the children of migrant workers in rural Nepal, allowing them an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Children at Jayal Kumari Primary School also receive warm clothes, a nutritious meal, health checkups, school supplies, and the basic needs all children should have access to. We have also implemented a humane and environmental curriculum at the school aimed at creating kinder and more compassionate global citizens. 

We support underserved schools in Uganda and provide food and medical care to refugees and single mothers struggling to care for their families. 

Our animal welfare efforts range from mass sterilization and vaccination events in Nepal and Costa Rica, in an effort to reduce the suffering of the global homeless animal population, as well as our own sanctuaries in Kathmandu, Nepal, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Sarapiqui, Cost Rica. We rescue dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, and rehabilitate wildlife. 

Our organization also organizes community cleanups and provides important public education and awareness campaigns in the spheres of animal welfare and environmental activism. 

Our mission: Mobilizing empathy for all species and the world we share. 

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