FAQ & Fees

What Fees does MyGivingCircle.org charge?

Our platform fee is between 0% – 6.5% of funds collected which is used to maintain and improve our website to the benefit of all our amazing charities.  Unavoidable credit card charges are also deducted from the donation amount (usually around 1%) – with the balance going directly to you nominated Charity.

In some instances a Charity may pay MyGivingCircle for consulting services or marketing support but there costs do not come out of your donations

Is MyGivingCircle.org a registered charity or not-for-profit?

No, MyGivingCircle.org is a social enterprise, not a registered charity.  That means that we are a company, but with the principle of doing good and supporting charities, not-for-profits and other good causes, central to our business.

Are donations made through MyGivingCircle.org tax-deductible?

That depends on the tax status of the organisation you are donating to (the organisation who is running the good cause you are supporting).  If they have tax-deductible (DGR) status and you are an Australian resident, then any donation over $2 is normally tax deductible.  It is up to each organisation to issue you with a receipt for your tax return (we supply the details to them to allow them to do this).  Where possible we let you know which charities have tax deductible status.

When I make a donation via MyGivingCircle, where does the money go and is it safe?

All transactions are processed either via Paypal or Stripe who handle all transactions securely.  We (MyGivingCircle) never store your credit card details or process your transactions directly.  Depending on the organisation you are supporting, we either:

  1. First receive the money into our National Australia Bank Business Account and remit the donations monthly to the organisation
  2. Have the money sent directly to the organisation from PayPal or Stripe

When is my credit card charged?

In most instances your credit card will be charged when you join a Giving Circle and make a donation.  If you have signed up for regular giving your credit card is then charged on or around the same time each month.

My circumstances have changed. Can I cancel my regular donation?

Yes.  You can cancel your monthly donations at any time by logging into your account and clicking on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Profile’, and then ‘Payment Settings’ towards the bottom of your profile page.  Here you’ll find any monthly donations you have set up and can cancel them if necessary.

I’m a Charity – When do we receive donations?

We aim to remit all donations (less platform and credit card fees) by the 10th of each month for the previous month, and no later than the 15th.  To ensure timely payment please make sure your Bank details are up to date in your Account Profile


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