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Anglican Family Care is a social services agency and has been delivering a range of social services to vulnerable children and their families throughout Otago since 1970. We offer a range of services, including therapeutic and early intervention support services to improve the lives of children and their families living in challenging circumstances, including neglect, isolation, substance abuse, mental health issues, poverty and family violence. We deliver the Family Start programme, SWiS (Social Workers in Schools), Home-based Family Support, Restorative Justice, Counselling, Family-Centred Service (assisting families who have been affected by violence), OCEANS (a Grief & Loss Programme) and Strengthening Families. WITHOUT our services, over 2,000 families would NOT have access to child development, education, and social work support. We aim to educate families to help with their parenting skills and focus on improving their child's growth and health, learning and relationships, family circumstances, environment and safety. We need your help to meet the 15% financial short-fall, so we can provide parents and caregivers with positive choices to build a better future for their babies, children, and young people.

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